11 Jun 2014

Organizing Network Technology Evening (SDN).

Semihalf is organizing an open technical event in Kraków.

1 Mar 2013

Working with Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG).

Semihalf expertise is brought to the Linaro engineering team.

26 Feb 2013

FreeBSD/arm transparent superpages.

Semihalf has been awarded with the FreeBSD Foundation grant to carry out the development.

29 Apr 2012

EBV Preferred Third Party.

Semihalf joins EBV Elektronik Design Solutions network as a preferred third party.

1 Mar 2012

NAND framework for FreeBSD.

Semihalf supported by the FreeBSD Foundation and Juniper Networks release the NAND framework to the community.

30 Sep 2011

FreeBSD for the latest embedded processors.

Semihalf keeps bringing FreeBSD for the most powerful embedded processors on the market.

4 Apr 2011

Semihalf company video.

Please take a few moments to get to know Semihalf, our latest projects and technologies.

8 Mar 2011

TI Netra DM8168 system.

Semihalf designed one of the world's first commercial platform featuring the brand new TI digital media system-on-chip.

20 Dec 2010

Semihalf promotional video with Texas Instruments.

Please enjoy our latest video.

30 Sep 2010

Semihalf at Electronica 2010.

Please visit us this November at the Munich Trade Fair, Hall A6 Booth 613.

6 Jul 2010

Moving to the new office

Semihalf is expanding rapidly so on August 1st we are moving to a new facility to fit our increasing design and development needs.

18 Jun 2010

meetBSD 2010 coming soon!

The technical conference, co-organized by Semihalf is only two weeks away, www.meetbsd.org

15 Feb 2010

Semihalf at Embedded World 2010.

Please enjoy the demo of our technologies at Texas Instruments booth: Hall 12 Stand 436.

10 Feb 2010

TI DaVinci DM6446 @810MHz system.

Semihalf brings world's first commercial platform based on the new version of the chip.

19 Jan 2010

Co-organizing meetBSD 2010 conference.

Semihalf is a co-organizer of the meetBSD 2010 technical conference in Kraków.

26 Nov 2009

FreeBSD 8.0 Release.

Featuring new functionality and enhancements for the embedded FreeBSD support developed by Semihalf.

13 Nov 2009

Embedded systems talk.

November 24th 2009, Kraków

Please join our talk hosted at the Jagiellonian University.

21 Oct 2009

Flattened device tree for FreeBSD.

Semihalf has been awarded with the FreeBSD Foundation grant to carry out the development.

25 Aug 2009

FreeBSD for Marvell SheevaPlug device.

The port developed by Semihalf is now available from the FreeBSD SVN repository.

26 May 2009

Joining Texas Instruments DSP Third Party Network

Semihalf joins Texas Instruments DSP Third Party Network.

18 May 2009

Moving to the new office

We have moved to bigger and more comfortable offices. See the contact section for all details.

24 Apr 2009

Joining ARM Connected Community

Semihalf joins the ARM Connected Community partnership program.

11 Feb 2009

Lectures on embedded systems

February-May 2009, Kraków
Hosted at the University of Science and Technology (AGH).

8 Jan 2009

Joining Freescale Alliance Program

Semihalf joins the Freescale Alliance Program with embedded FreeBSD for the PowerQUICC.

15 Dec 2008

Joining AMCC Partner Program

Semihalf joins the AMCC Partner Program with embedded FreeBSD offering for the PPC440 and 460 PowerPC systems.

14 Oct 2008

FreeBSD for Marvell Orion, Kirkwood and Discovery chips.

The port developed by Semihalf is now available from the FreeBSD SVN repository.

07 Jul 2008

FreeBSD for Freescale PowerQUICCIII MPC8572

The port covers SMP, security engine, pattern maching engine and other peripherals support.